Rainforest- By: Hannah,Troy, and Joe
Definition- The rainforest is located in South America, Africa, and Asia/Indonesia. The climate is 70°-90°F all year around. In the rainforest there is a lot of rain. There are many (hundreds) of tree species. It has poor thin soil and is not good for some plants.

Environment Concerns

Sugar Glider



· Jaguar
· Ocelot
· Chimpanzee
· Leopard
·Sugar Glider
· Tree Shrew
· Vanilla
· Cassava
· Ebony
· Double Coconut
· Ginger
· Rubber
Environment Concerns- Agriculture, drought, fire, logging, and livestock ranching will cause major damage (55% of the rainforest) in the next 22 years. Another 4% will be damaged due to reduced rainfall. Global warming and deforestation will most likely destroy half or severely damage the rainforest by 2030.

Jaguar- The jaguar lives in South America. The jaguars hunt by water for large animals like deer and capybara. They also eat birds, fish, turtles, and smaller animals. You will rarely see them because they are endangered. They are considered adults when they are three or four years old. The male jaguars get to six feet long, and the females get to five feet long. They get to 200-250 pounds. The jaguars are the largest and most powerful wild cat. People hunted them for their beautiful fur.

Ocelot- The ocelot lives in South America. The ocelot hunts at night, they eat small mammals, birds, guinea pigs, hares, small deer, and some reptiles.They get to 24-35 pounds, their height is 1 feet and their length is 2-3 ¼ feet. They're only active at night. They sped the day sleeping in a tree. They have dark yellow with brown spots or stripes on their coats, their stomach is white. This is a cool fact about the ocelot, no two ocelot have the same design on their coat. So that means if you see ocelots they won't have the same type of design.

Chimpanzee- The chimpanzee has black hair, is 3 ¼ ft. to 5 ½ ft. tall and the adult male weighs about 110 pounds and female weighs about 90 pounds. They have long ears which are good for hearing. An interesting fact is that chimpanzee’s arms are longer than their legs! Another interesting fact is that chimpanzees are closer related to humans then any other animal! The interesting fact that I like the best is that chimpanzees will take a little stick, stick it down an ants’ whole and then lifts it up and it's covered in ants, then the chimpanzee licks it to get the ants off which they then eat! Chimpanzees spend 50-75% of their day in trees depending on the season. They sleep in a nest made up of branches, leaves and twigs and they make a new nest every night. They eat mainly fruit, insects, leaves and seeds but sometimes they eat meat.

Leopard- The leopard has light tan skin with a lot of black dots, it is usually about 4ft. 2in. from the ground to the shoulder and 7ft. 6in. long. A male weighs about 100-160 lb. and a female weighs about 75lb. The leopard is really good at climbing and puts the baby leopards in the tree sometimes as high as 20 feet in the air! They eat meat such as monkeys, antelope, jackals, peacocks, snakes, sheep, goats, and dogs. Sometimes in Africa they kill and eat porcupines that have quills 1ft. or more in length!

Sugar Glider- This small mammal weighs 3-6 ounces! You may be wondering why they are so light. Well they are so light because they glide with just a thin layer of skin. That thin layer of skin is so thin you can literally see right through it (look at the picture labeled sugar glider). The sugar glider has a tail the size of its body. The length of the body is 6 ½ to 8 ½ inches long. This mammal may be small but it can give birth to 2 young at a time. The sugar glider eats nectar, pollen, tree sap, and insects.

Tree Shrew- Tree shrews eat insects, fruits, lizards and other small mammals. The length of its body and tail is 5 ½ to 7 inches. The shrew can give birth to 1 to 4 young at a time. The weight of the shrew is 2 to 6 ½ ounces. Tree shrews are just like monkeys; they have well developed brains and have good balance.